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Dealing with a sewer backup is one of the worst possible things that can happen to a home or business owner. But no matter how serious the mess is, you will find help when you call our professionals. We always use ozone-friendly and environment-friendly products.


Routine maintenance on your sewer lines can help you avoid the expense on repairs, replacements, and fixing structural and cosmetic damage. If your sewer system is not properly maintained, it can cause serious damage to your pumps and pipes.

BBB-accredited service

You'll enjoy superior customer service when you hire our local, family-owned and operated business that is BBB accredited. Speak with us today!

No mess is too big!

From sewer backup to clogged drains, our team is dedicated to solve your problems. No mess is too big for our experienced team.

Enjoy a 2-year warranty on our work. Call us for more details.



When a sewer fails, it can cause serious problems to your residential or industrial property. There is nothing more important than making sure that your water and sewer lines are functioning properly.


In case your sewer line is backed up or you have a stubborn clog, contact Earth Safe Ozone immediately. Our professionals will pump out water, sanitize the sewer, and clean it.