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Eliminate Odors and Smoke Smell

Testing and decontamination

All the products we use are ozone-friendly, eco-friendly, and affordable. Call our reliable professionals to help you get better indoor air quality. Your prompt action will save your family or staff from health-related issues.

Ozone Shock to kill odor

  • Smoke odor

  • Animal urine odor

  • Smoke damage odor

  • Skunk odor

  • Dead body odor


Neutralize the odor

  • Musty odor

  • Cadaver odor

  • Mildew odor

  • Pet odor (dogs, cats etc.)

  • Carpet odor and more

Enjoy a 2-year warranty on our work. Call us for more details.


  • Fungus testing and removal

  • Mold testing and removal (26 types of molds)

  • Decontamination from sewer backups

  • Flood decontamination

You don't have to live with unpleasant odors anymore. Call us to eliminate the odor problem in your property, quickly and efficiently. We can help your home or business smell great again!


Earth Safe Ozone does remediation of toxic mold that is black, bluish-green, yellowish-green, white, olive, or white-gray in color. Speak with us today.