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It is the mission of Earth Safe Ozone of Cridersville, OH to provide the methods, products, and information about ozone and its benefits to every household and business.


If we can help improve your quality of life, give you peace of mind, or improve the bottom line of your business applications, we have succeeded in our mission.

BBB-accredited business

Ozone is known for its UV blocking ability on Earth's upper atmosphere or as a measure of air quality in the hot summer months. It is seen as an emerging solution to thousands of problems plaguing the industrialized nations.


The ozone can replace many damaging chemicals currently in use today, such as Methyl Bromide, biocides, and other chemicals. All our company's products are ozone-friendly, eco-friendly, and cost-effective.  

15 years of experience

  • Mold remediation

  • Water removal and drying

  • Sewer backup

  • Air testing

  • Smoke and odor removal

Safe and secure solution

Ozone is almost a zero-pollution solution. With its help, we provide practical solutions to tough problems. Our products have no impact on environment.

Enjoy 2-year warranty on our work. Call us for more details.